'small empires'

A short film inspired by Magritte’s painting ‘Empire of light’. A nocturnal flight around a factory in a village that appears on a piece of lawn turf.

Click on the image to see the film.


A short film about a surreal passageway in Paris during the early twentieth century.

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'An Alchemy of Stone'

A short archival film about my installation/exhibition at the Museum and Art Gallery, Hereford in 2013.

It’s taken a while to get round to assembling the sketches and film clips but I think this is one of my best pieces of work in a public space. There were over four thousand visitors.

To see the film click on the image above.

the luminaries [of Dab Row]

A short fantasy film currently looking for funding to aid production. At the moment we have a lot of production material and a first trailer.

The film will be a construct of various elements: CG animation/stopmotion animation/live footage and modelled locations. The protagonists live on an ancient moon of  the planet Mercury. Quicksilver runs down gulleys in the streets, but the city is made of cardboard. The soundtrack of the film will be made of cardboard/paper [already tested..].

The story [my own] has puppets, ghosts, a sinister projector and…a lot of references to fish.

The image above will send you to our Facebook page, which has a LOT of stuff on it.

You can see the trailer there.

Cardinal sin 'craving solitude'

‘I met a bloke at a party..’ and the end result was ‘Inspired by our intentions’ – a Facebook page and my first music video. This was done in a short space of time on a very small budget – but the end result was a crazy mix of original ideas and the enthusiasm to just get it done. Click on the image above to view.

See the link below to the ‘Inspired’ Facebook page.

Inspired by our intentions

A way of thinking. A fearless non-ego collective of bods who think that the sum total of the brainstorm is better than individual ideas. Andy Squiff and I went on to make the video for Cardinal Sin. The process, we thought, would be interesting to document in a truly socially interactive way so we set up a Facebook page to share every neuron of creative output on the project.

Click on the image above – this is the result.

a lesser flyte of angels

I made this film to document a sketchbook that I’d made for the ‘Messengers’ installation in Machynlleth in 1993.

There was a lot of work in making that book – the workings for the whole installation and my research into angels, over eighteen months before. I enjoyed making the movie, and the soundtrack. I used two daughters of a friend  of mine, Amber and Ellie Song.           Click the image to see the film.

humfrey [the traveller]

A short film to accompany a FANFARE I wrote a while back – based on the life travels of Humfrey Coningsby Esq. humfrey lived in Neen Sollars, near Cleobury Mortimer [uk] but spent a large chunk of his life travelling to foreign parts.

The church has a wonderful memorial to him.

Click on the image above to play the film.

There is an album of photos about the memorial, with stills from the film if you wanted to read more about HUMFREY.

To visit the album CLICK HERE.

the rake - YouTube clip

My version of an old Irish tune called ‘Rakish Paddy’ with a film I made to go with it.

Click on the image above to watch it.