Forest of Dean headstone

A commissioned headstone on it’s way to London. This one is unusual in that I’ve left the edges rough as when cut from raw stone at the quarry. The text and stars are extruded in the carving process.

The really unique element is the dynamic colours that run through the stone, which stand out most when wet.


Headstones/memorials/naming stones

An album of images of memorials I’ve carved over the years.

They include house names and the like. Lettering is something where you have to keep your hand in – so it slots alongside my other commissions nicely. I’m very lucky to have known the ‘stories’ behind all of my headstones. It really helps when you’re carving them. It is always ‘special’.

Click on the image to see the album.

pointer memorial stone

Click on the image to see photos of a memorial stone I did for a garden near Ross-on-Wye. The family had quite a few pointers over the years. This stone commemorates them all.

commission process