humfrey [the traveller]

A short fanfair of a tune dedicated to the late Frank Zappa.

It’s an expansion from a theme I wrote many years ago, living in a small village where the local church had a quirky memorial to this chap from the sixteenth century. Humfrey Coningsby Esq.

Click on the image to hear the tune.

the rake

My first tune using Reason software. Click the image to hear it.

This is an Irish tune I’ve been playing[on the whistle]for many years now. I wanted to give it a laidback reggae feel and mess around with the ‘B’ part of the melody.

I’ll probably tweak it at some point, but for now…

Silver Branch Ceilidh Band

I’ve been a founder member of this band since the mid-nineties. We’re still going strong. To find more about us click on the image and take a look at our Facebook page.