vulgar earth

Coral [art and science] exhibition

A group of VE artists are collaborating with the Coral research department at Southampton universty to produce an exhibition relating to plight of our coral reefs.

Initial talks have taken place [July 2019] and we are heading towards venue and content deadlines.

The show will be in May 2020.

Check our website or Facebook page for details!

virtual tour

To see an amazing virtual online tour of the Brecon show click the image above. You can wander around the exhibits and click on information/film clip icons for more details about the work.

VE at Brecon 2018 Part1

Click the image above to see an album of photos from the show at Brecon in 2018.

Magic Theatre[Plato's Cage]

Click on the image above to see a short film documentary about this installation I produced for the Brecon VulgarEarth show in 2018. The cage stands six feet high and houses a movie screen, viewed by puppets and a ‘museum’ of wonders beyond.

The film has sound.

VE at Brecon 2018 Part2

Click the image above to see images of my installation at the show at Brecon in 2018.