Below are a selection of garden pieces currently for sale.

If you live within a reasonable distance from me the delivery is free.

Please e-mail me for details on BACS payments.

An album of garden sculpture

Click the image above to see an album of photographs of work done for gardens over the years.

These include commissions as well as gallery pieces on sale regularly and samples of work done for H’art in the past two years.

H'art 2019

Click on the poster above to see photos from the run-up to H’art 2019.

Preparation for filling my garden/studio with sculpture for sale during H’art. There’s a bit of a free-form creative dash to assemble a varied selection of items across the range [both subject and price].


A Little Owl

A carving of an owl in Forest-of-Dean stone. Click on the image to see more photos of the carving.

Hellens garden festival 2017

A willow cage – my first work done using this particular stlye of expression. The structure was too flimsy and so I upgrated shortly after to hazel branches.

Click on the image above to see the willow version.